Heard of Indrepta : An affordable drug for CF?


Heard of Indrepta : An affordable drug for CF?

From its inception , I’ve been closely following the Sharktank research foundation which vowed to come into market with a cheap alternative drug for CF. And here they are with Indrepta A , B and C.

They have come with natural ingredients(polyphenols) which act as Potentiators and Connectors where Vertex on the other hand used their synthetic counterparts.

Indrepta A is a potentiator , used for gating problems occurring in Class III mutations. This is the alternative drug for Kalydeco. And it uses the same Geinstein and Curcumin combination , quite a few cfers used and claimed to have benefited from.

Indrepta B is a Corrector for Class II mutations like DDF508 to overcome the Protein processing resulting in misfolded CFTR gene. Indrepta uses Quercetin, Resveratrol and other flavonoids and polyphenols which are known to treat the protein misfolding issue.

Indrepta C is for Nonsensical mutations arising from Class I.

Unlike other CF medications Indrepta is cheap(comparitively) and is available for around 49$ for a month’s usage.

It is available for purchase only  in US as an over the counter drug(needs no prescription) @


The reviews coming for Indrepata are exciting and few reviews are claiming great results. They have come out with an other product TauriNAC(N-Acytelene Cystene) to go with Indrepta. I see no harm in taking Indrepta. It at least might work on reducing Inflammation.


Not sure if any one from our subcontinent had a chance of using it. I plan to try it may be next month when I can procure it and use it for at least 3 months to see how it works.

To get more details on CF classes , about potentiators and correctors you can please visit  through the site http://cysticfibrosisindia.com

Please note that I am not endorsing this product or rejecting it. I am just trying to bring this product to your notice so that you can choose what you want to do. Kindly consult your doctor before use.



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