Treating CF without Antibiotics


Treating CF without Antibiotics

Numerous studies are going on to understand Pseudomonas, the pathogen which breeds in CF lungs. While some studies said that p.a feeds on sugar, here are some studies which say p.a needs ferric oxide and ferrous oxide to form the biofilm in the lungs. This biofilm prevents antibiotics from reaching out to the infected area and also helps p.a to stick on to the lungs. Incidentally CF lungs have relatively more ferric and ferrous oxides than normal lungs and the more the quantities of fe3 and fe2 the more severe is the disease. Wretched bug it is that driving it needs lots of antibiotics and IV lines.
Now studies are being directed towards reduction of these iron compounds from lungs than use antibiotics. P.A inhibitors work towards destroying the food that these pathogens feed on there by reducing their chances of surviving and increasing lung health than using traditional antibiotics.  Idea sounds good and such ideas  are much awaited for.
AIT advanced inhalation therapies are already into clinical trials for their product NoxcureCF which is about using nitric oxide to tackle with p.a. Not sure if NoxcureCF has anything to do with reducing the ferric or ferrous oxide levels it surely is not an antibiotic and they say it works.

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